Tire Consultants Group (TCG)

Tire Consultants Group Services

FOCUS Banking

FOCUS Banking provides a range of investment banking services tailored to the needs of emerging growth and middle market businesses.

U.S. Market Analysis

Comprehensive details and summary of the Replacement Market. Special emphasis on brand share movement. Market forecast available.

Market Trends and Opportunities

A recap of product and distribution channel trends and forecasts. Both macro and micro bases when client requests.

Brand and Company Analysis

This is tailored to the specific client and starts from current year and product screen to a five year plan on all aspects.

Advertising and Promotions

Builds specific programs and proposals to appeal to a current and future customer base.

Distribution Channel Options

After macro analysis of current distribution channel this product is tailored to meet clients future growth plans.

Strategic and Tactical Analysis

Defines the ideal strategy and tactical moves required for growth and sustainability.

Competitive Analysis

Looks at the clients brand in total and shows the competitive brands strengths and weaknesses.

Business Plan Analysis or Creation

A review and analysis of an existing plan, modifying an existing plan or creating a new one.

Financial Statement Analysis

Delineate clients financial assets and liabilities and propose short and long term solutions.

Sales and Executive Team Building

Access and communication initiated with executive and sales professionals with proven achievements and cultural suitability.