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The Vision Report

The Vision Report

“A true understanding of the tire market will
differentiate you, as a manufacturer, a retailer, a wholesaler
or investor in this space. We provide the Vision.”

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The Vision Report: Powerful, Essential Data on the
U.S. Consumer Tire Replacement Market.

Whether you are tire manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or financial investor, you need to understand the market in which you participate. Knowledge makes smart business… Insights create strategies… Actions deliver results. Tire Consultants Group and their collective expertise can guide you through the complexities of the tire industry with market facts, insightful thinking and personal experiences.

The U.S. consumer tire market is large...

in geography:

3.53 million square miles

in registered vehicles:

240 million

and licensed drivers:

230 million

in competitiveness:

over 200 tire brands

in points of sale:

66,000 retailers

in sales:

233.5 million units

and revenues:

$28.5 billion

and a 5 year growth rate of

2 million tires annually

All vehicles, tires and consumer usage are not created equal. We can capture the nature of the market with measured volume and growth by tire types that meet the needs of vehicles and consumers… Sporty, Touring, Basic, Off-Road, Commercial, Winter. Each product category can also be measure by speed rating, rim diameter and tire size popularity. Since the tire industry is global, it is important to know the unique nature of the U.S. Market compared to other world markets and the portion that is imported vs. supplied by domestic manufacturers. A comprehensive diagnostic of the current state of the tire market is only the beginning. What about the future? Vehicle evolution and impact on tire fitments? Economic outlook? Government norms and regulations, etc?

The tire industry is highly capitalized and a financial view of the market is vital to realizing profits and managing costs. A unique understanding of four retail price tiers measures the sales premium-ness of the market and brand positioning across tiers. A financial model can determine the average retail price to consumers, the average acquisition price from manufacturers to retailer, and estimated average cost by manufacturers, to achieve ideal profit margins.

If all of this is not enough, Tire Consultants Group can provide knowledge of distribution and logistics needed to realize success in the competitive landscape of getting tires to the consumer market.

Tire Consultants Group can help you take advantage of this growth with powerful market information, insightful thinking and personal experiences. Gain from solid expertise: The Tire Report provides crucial information you need to make the right business decisions today, and down the road.

ALSO AVAILABLE: A one- or two-hour consultation to guide you through the Report, targeted to your specific needs. Ask us today.

To order The Vision Report contact Skip Viola at:
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