Career Highlights:

  • 40+ years of experience.
  • Disciplines include Laboratory Testing, Supplier Qualification, and Quality Assurance.
  • Career spans positions with Firestone and Continental tires.


With a four-decade career rooted in the science and technology of tires, Don is a respected industry thought leader. He brings unparalleled expertise in tire product development, adept in a multitude of areas within manufacturing, production, and quality assurance. His extensive and intimate knowledge of tires and the tire industry as a whole is truly second to none.


Don’s experience spans more than 41 years with two tire industry giants, Firestone and Continental. He brings profound knowledge of Supplier Qualification and Cooler Water Maintenance. He has also served as an ISO quality coordinator.


Laboratory Testing: Experience interpreting test data from tensile, elongation, modulus, rheometer, mooney viscosity, and other property testing to solve processing problems.

Compounding: Can recognize a Banbury mixing problem with implementation of a solution to ensure the manufacture of a prime quality component for downstream processing.

Processing: Issuance of specifications in order to process woven fabric (polyester; nylon) single-end core, steel cord, and gum components for tires. This includes calendaring, steelastic, roller head, and extrusion equipment.

Supplier Qualification: Perform evaluations to quality suppliers of steel cord, beadwire, fabric cord, polyethylene film, polymers (natural rubber; halobutyl SBR), and chemicals, such as carbon black, oils, resins, etc. Also, qualifications of cooling water micro-biocides have been performed.

Extrusion Cooling Water: Develop and maintain specifications for extrusion cooling water (contact with rubber) in relation to temperature, m-Alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH, and clarity.

Curing (Vulcanization): Perform (thermocouple) testing to determine the cure-step procedure. Troubleshoot internal/external valve, boiler, and system problems resulting in tire anomalies.

Quality Assurance: Issued statistical analysis on data collected in various aspects of tire manufacturing. Served as TS 16949 (ISO) coordinator in department, which involves issuance of Work Instructions for processes. Introduced a “Steel Cord Supplier” rating program, which provided a tool to Purchasing to prioritize multiple suppliers of a particular construction.


Upper Iowa University
Bachelor of Science; Chemistry and Business Administration

Drake University
Graduate hours; Chemistry

Oklahoma City University
Graduate hours; Business Administration

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