Career Highlights:

  • 20 years of experience.
  • Disciplines include the scope of tire industry logistics.
  • Career spans positions at Chiquita Banana, BDP International, Sumisho Global Logistics, Treadways Corporation, Entire Displays, and Fibro Source USA.


Celinet has 20 years of experience in the rapidly evolving logistics industry with focus on Importing, Exporting and Customs Intelligence.


The first five years Celinet focused on Import and Liquidation Coordination for fresh fruit companies ending at Chiquita Banana, where she managed all of the customs entry, inspections, and deliveries of a very time-sensitive product through the ports of Philadelphia and Wilmington.

In 1999, she became Import Coordinator for BDP International and managed the DuPont Account. She managed the shipment and deliveries from all overseas warehouses to the client’s locations. While responsible for dealing with vendors and service providers, she created a daily tracking system for all shipments.

In 2002, Celinet joined Sumisho Global Logistics. The position of Customer Service Liaison Supervisor was designed for her to work remotely in the Treadways Corporation main offices as she was responsible for all logistics pertaining to purchasing, direct sales, and supply chain from Japan, Thailand, India, China, and Indonesia. As this business grew, her position increased in importance — becoming a direct report to Senior Executives at both organizations.

In 2012, Treadways closed the Pennsylvania office and Celinet became Operations Manager of Entire Displays and Tire Consultants Group, LLC, in addition to her duties as Export/Import Manager of Fibro Source USA.


  • Logistics
  • Import
  • Export
  • Customs Intelligence

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