Powerful, Essential Data on the U.S. Consumer Tire Replacement Market

The Vision Report

An exclusive guide from TCG, The Vision Report is a must-have for any manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, or investor seeking to set themselves apart in the tire space. Access invaluable market facts, industry insights, and personal experiences from our top consultants. Ask about a one-on-one consultation to help guide you through the report.

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Why The Vision Report?

In-depth market analysis

Vehicles, tires, and consumer usage are not created equal. The Vision Report captures the nature of the market with measured volume and growth by tire types that meet the needs of vehicles and consumers.

Key U.S. market insights

As a global industry, it is important to know the unique nature of the U.S. tire market compared to international markets, as well as the portion that is imported versus supplied by domestic manufacturers.

The Vision Report offers you a comprehensive diagnostic of the current tire market and prepares you for the unpredictable road ahead.

Financial snapshot

The tire industry is highly capitalized, and a financial view of the market is vital to realizing profits and managing costs. The Vision Report provides a unique understanding of four retail price tiers to help measure the sales premium-ness of the market and the position of the brand across tiers.

Supply chain simplified

If all of this is not enough, The Vision Report can provide knowledge of distribution and logistics needed to realize success in the competitive landscape of getting tires to the consumer market.