Career Highlights:

  • 10 years of experience.
  • Disciplines include Strategic Planning, Advertising and Marketing, and Social Media.
  • Successfully launched three start-ups since 2013.


Matthew is an authority on building a successful business from the ground up. He has been involved in three start-ups since 2013, all profitable in the first year. He remains passionately involved in the day-to-day operations of his current retail business and has honed multiple executive disciplines to grow business, including Management, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Advertising. An intuitive business planner, Matt helps businesses thrive in the rapidly and ever-evolving social media landscape — further solidifying his role as an invaluable expert for TCG.


Matt brings almost a decade of experience in tire retail. Matt is in the trenches of the daily operations handling inventory management, staffing, training, payroll, scheduling, sales, and marketing. He has simplified and streamlined operations by implementing new software and systems, developed a strong advertising strategy across social platforms, and built a sales strategy that has doubled their sales —helping to grow the company from 2 million dollars in annual revenue to 4 million. One of his most notable campaigns was a “Buy three, get one free” promotion for Hankook Tires, realizing $91,000 gross revenue in 2 weeks.

Matt designs business plans for start-ups, as well as existing businesses, creates sales forecasts to evaluate client’s break-even, and builds sponsored ads for clients across social platforms. He also creates eCommerce websites for clients, such as Shopify, Clickfunnels and Amazon, just to name a few. His marketing and social media insights can be heard on the Matt Berg Podcast.


  • Tire Retail Sales
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Forecasting
  • eCommerce


Montana State University-Billings
Bachelor of Science; Business Administration
Minor; Marketing

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